Hi my name is Fox. I am a sensual, androgynous beauty who loves to touch and be touched.

My all-natural figure is a Renaissance painting come to life. You won’t find a single tattoo or piercing on my body. 

I have travelled the world and landed here for now. I spend most of my time outdoors enjoying the beauty of this unique land. I love to swim, rock-climb, and read poetry in wild places.

I have a quiet confidence that puts others at ease. I’ve lived a very unusual and adventurous life. At 28 years old, I crave to take things slowly. Taste everything to the final drop. 

As a lover, I am attentive and sensual. I love to tease. I love the physicality of erotic massage and passionate sex - the way our bodies dance together to the rhythm of our mutual desire.

I believe wholeheartedly in diversity - the diversity of ways we can experience pleasure and the diversity of our bodies themselves.

I love what I do and you can feel it.