Hi there, my name is Sage. I’m a Sydney born 23 year old. I’m quick witted and cheeky by nature with a calm, easy-going temperament, that is mature beyond my years.  

My idea of a perfect evening would be sitting by my piano singing for friends and lovers, reading poetry then basking in the sunset with a glass of red wine. My desires are simple, I love to please those around me and see the sweetness of enjoyment and relaxation come into their eyes.   

I enjoy learning many different types of dance and playing with sound. I love drinking a coffee in the hot sun as I look at black and white photography. I love a hot bath as much as I like a cold shower. I am always looking forward to more travel and the hidden corners of the world.   

My interest in erotics brewed through my youth and into my occupation as I realised my attractiveness and sensuality in everyday spaces. I am very open with my body and nudity. I have experience in play with bodies of many gender types and expressions.  

Sage is in Sydney now and is available daytimes and evenings - By appointment only